Activist detained in Cabinda since March faces serious health problems

Activist detained in Cabinda since March faces serious health problems

Human rights activist José Marcos Mavungo remains in preventive detention in Cabinda, Angola, even after the police investigation has ended and now faces serious health problems, was released this Wednesday.

José Marcos Mavungo has been detained in the Angolan province of Cabinda since March 14, when a demonstration against the alleged bad governance in Cabinda and violation of human rights in the enclave was scheduled.

Speaking today to the Lusa agency, the spokesman for the group of human rights activists promoting a campaign to collect signatures for the release of Mavungo, said the investigations had already been completed and handed over to the Provincial Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DPIC) to the assistant attorney general in the province, who referred them to the court.

“But, until now, lawyers have not been notified and Dr. Marcos Mavungo remains in detention, which means that the investigations point to any type of crime and the charge of crime against state security remains,” said Filomeno Vieira Lopes.

According to Filomeno Vieira Lopes, that activist has several health problems, particularly in the liver and heart, and has received medical assistance from the chain, which he considers “doubtful”.

The spokesman for the group of activists, with representatives of political parties, civil society and human rights organizations, called the whole process “a machinations” by the authorities to keep Marcos Mavungo in detention.

According to Filomeno Vieira Lopes, the group is preparing files to be delivered to the Presidency of the Republic, the Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Angola.

“The petition has already been handed over to the Cabinda authorities and we are going on Friday to submit this file to the central authorities and also request hearings,” he said.

Last month, a delegation from this group went to Cabinda for a two-day visit to assess Marcos Mavungo’s legal situation and health.

The delegation maintained contacts with Marcos Mavungo and his wife, the lawyers involved in the process, with the director of prison services and with other detainees.

On that visit, the group noted Marcos Mavungo’s serious state of health and asked the Public Ministry for his release.

Two other people, meanwhile already released, were arrested at the same time without an arrest warrant, “because there was a strong suspicion of the crime against state security”, the authorities previously claimed.

source: Lusa

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