On Sunday, 12th May between 3 – 5 pm, the Adcdh, org. will be holding a conference at 199 Bartlett Street, Lewiston Maine, asking for the release of eleven (11) activists in Cabinda and one (1) in Luanda, who are being held in both Cabinda and Luanda Prisons, Angola. At the 199 Bartlett Street in Lewiston, the Adcdh. Org. members will be asking the public to write letters to the Angolan authorities asking for the release of 12 Human rights activists and Political prisoners – Mauricio Gimbi, the president of Cabinda Independentist Movement (known as MIC, peaceful political movement), Joao Mampuela, a woman and Pastor Maria Deca, Alfredo Duda, Antonio Marcos Soqui, Alberto Puna, Daniel de Oliveira, Eduardo Muindo, Filomão Futi, Filepe Macaia, Mauricio Tati, all from the same organization and Hitler Jessy Tchikonde the latter detained in Luanda for being critical to Joao Lourenco in social media. Seventy-six (76) activists have been detained without trial since late January 28th this year, many were released late April while eleven (11) continue imprisoned and Adcdh. Org. considers them to be ‘prisoners of conscience’ – imprisoned solely for their non-violently desire for self- determination of Cabinda sovereignty held beliefs. Adcdh. Org. also fears that over time the activists could be unfairly tried, sentenced to psychological torture or strategic death and executed without right of appeal to a higher court within Angola as are Jose Kalopeteka, Reverend Pastor and many of those who advocate Cabinda independence that are coercively forbidden to return to their own country, let alone those that were in asylum in DRC and Republic of Congo but were mysteriously found dead in the Cabinda territory.

ADCDH. org. is outraged about the continuous oppression on freedom of speech as well as persecution of anyone who thinks differently in Angola,

oppression led by the autocratic regime of MPLA. As previously denounced by this Organization in January 2018 in an interview with DW Africa, Activist Silvestre Kuala (known as Silvio Sumbo), expressed great concern about police violence against the demonstrators, human rights abuses and reports on the mobilization of army commanders, Rapid Intervention Police officers and the National Police in a “manhunt” to stop the activists. Joao Lourenço is yet to

prove under what circumstances he distances himself from his predecessor Dos Santos when it comes to human rights violation and freedom of expression.

We vehemently condemn the regime of Angola for keeping eleven (11) activist of Cabinda Independentist movement (MIC) in prisons for no crimes committed but with alleged baseless creation of association of wrongdoers and attempt to detour the Government, a tactical crime always used by this regime to justify arbitrary detention of Activists in Angola. There is a Pastor imprisoned (Jose Kalupeteka) who was tortured together with more than 800 people murdered in Monte Sume in the Province of Huambo, a genocide of which the regime does not open hands to authorize the congressmen to investigate the assassinations of those people who only heard the called from their reverend Pastor for what was supposed to be a massive fasting prayers that meant to gather all churches under his control at the time, which unfortunately ended with assassination

almost of all the members, action perpetrated by their own government (regime of Angola).

As such we are running this event this conference that will be one of several events which the Adcdh. Org. is organizing as part of four months-long campaign against human rights abuses in Angola. Jose Pemba, Henrique Malonda, Silvestre Kuala and Francisco Lubota the Leadership for the Adcdh. Org group in the US: “In Angola, particularly in Cabinda at the moment people are being executed and imprisoned for crimes they have not committed. Many of Cabinda nationals that live in DRC and Republic of Congo are being targeted and persecuted, they are outlawed in the woods, having abandoned the refugee area where they lived to remember that those people live as refugees in those country for decades. We very much hope that people of Angola/Cabinda, the USA and the world will join us in trying to stop this from continuing to happen.

We are working in the United States for the release of prisoners of conscience, fair trials for political prisoners and an end to torture, extra-judicial executions, “disappearances” and the death in Cabinda/ Angola

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