CORONAVIRUS: False promises from Luther rescova

Luanda residents “aghast” with the promises of Rescova

At the beginning of the third phase of the State of Emergency in light of the On-campus Decree of 18 March 2020, in the face of the fight against the new coronavirus (covid – 19), Luther Rescova, Governor of Luanda, had assured that the Communities or Neighborhoods with the greatest difficulties in access to drinking water, they would have to find immediate solutions through daily supply of cisterns composed of 20 thousand liters

The API portal, took to the streets and reports that the situation has been getting worse day after day, allied to the increasing scarcity of the referred product, the “good to human life”, makes families in imminent danger, travel long distances in search of other solutions.

Residents say that the promises of the Governor of Luanda, will not have had positive effects that aimed at minimizing the critical situation with which they are debating, especially in what concerns the supply, in the difficult phase in which the country is.

The API also states that there is, on the one hand, illicit business in charge of Neighborhood Coordinators and Municipal Administrators respectively, which make the cisterns of supply for the tanks of family residences.

By: Andre Mavungo and Victor Cunha

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