FLEC-FAC guarantees that war in Cabinda is far from over

FLEC-FAC guarantees that war in Cabinda is far from over

The Angolan Defense Minister, João Ernesto dos Santos, was in Cabinda last weekend and told Jornal de Angola that the enclave enjoys a stable political and military situation. 

According to FLEC-FAC, Cabinda State Liberation Front – Armed Forces of Cabinda, on the other hand, disavow those statements, speaking of a ceasefire since April 13, following the appeal launched by the UN secretary-general to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

That independence movement even claims that the Angolan repression would have continued with the record of the death of five civilians last month.

The movement retraced that Angola would have invaded the territory in November of 1974, until then a Portuguese protectorate, precipitating the war of the Cabindans against the occupation of Luanda.

FLEC-FAC claims to have shown goodwill and put in place a ceasefire, still in force, following an appeal by António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to stop hostilities around the world in order to privilege the fight to the new coronavirus pandemic.

The Chief Commander Antonio do Rosario, a spokesman for the Armed Forces of Cabinda, reiterates his call to resume dialogue with the Angolan authorities, in a process under international supervision.

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