Raul Danda, as well as several other voices from Cabinda, confirms war in Cabinda will never end

Raul Danda, as well as several other voices from Cabinda, confirms war in Cabinda will never end

After multiple and intense military clashes in Cabinda between the Angolan Armed Forces and the  Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC) that continues to claim the lives of the people of Cabinda, in the last two weeks, the clashes have resumed, many villagers have been forced to abandon their homes on penalty of being targeted by forces of the Angolan regime as has been their habit in the 44 years of war in Cabinda.

Raul Danda shares the vision and desire as do all other voices from Cabinda, he confirms war in Cabinda will never end After multiple and intense armed confrontations in Cabinda, should the regime of Angola continue with old strategies as can be read in the interview; International intervention is badly needed in Cabinda to help save lives of civilians

Interviewer: How do you observe these latest incidents or occurrences that have been reported in Angola?

Raul Danda: what happens in Cabinda are not incidents, what happens in Cabinda are politico-military conflicts that took place since before the independence of this country, in November 1975. It is an expression of wishes of the people of Cabinda, to self-determination, if you ask me if it has legitimacy or not, I will say that it has legitimacy, it is something that has reason to be, but the government of Angola led by MPLA has unfortunately been dealing with the most simplistic and more idiotic strategy, that is, it uses force, weapons, it uses intimidation, detentions, tortures, and so on to be able to resolve a conflict that actually exists. At the same time as recognizing the existence of the Cabinda cause, there is also little desire to resolve this problem and this is bad. Because the policy of “do what I say, don’t do what I do” applied by the government of Angola is not good for the situation. The Angolan government advises all countries, neighbors, and others, to resolve conflicts through dialogue. However, here in Cabinda, they are insisting on waging war via Kalashnikov, Mortars, cannons, etc., and it will not work.

Interviewer: but then in your opinion, what is the solution that you propose or that the government should follow to resolve or set out, at least, to try to resolve this conflict.

Raul Danda: The Cabindans themselves have said it repeatedly, Unita, which is the main force in the opposition to which I belong, has also said repeatedly that the only mean is dialogue, an open dialogue is needed, not as they use to do, through buying consciences, now that the Angola money is over happily, MPLA will not be able to buy people. what they did in the past was to go and buy people, go shopping for consciences, instead of talking, because today, FLEC is seen as an organization, a group of people, either those who are inside and who are doing guerrilla war, or those who are outside the country who run this machine, diplomatically, etc., but FLEC today has become a feeling of the Cabindans as a whole, wherever they live or go they think Cabinda, they think about the need for a solution, and if FLEC wants or says it wants independence, but even so it predisposes itself to sit down at the negotiating table, it is because obviously those who are going to negotiate do not leave with 100% of their will unless they imposed it. If they want to negotiate it is because it is possible to reach a middle ground. We have already suggested that even in the framework of the constitution of Angola, within the framework of what the municipalities are, which may be in the municipalities but which may also have sub-municipal levels of a smaller size than the municipality or super-municipal, Cabinda could be an autonomous region, it fits very well in what is Angola constitution today.

The country would continue to be Angola, but selfishness and some lack of good sense, from those who rule the country, make it possible to create this obstinacy of staying fixed in what is the ongoing situation. The war in Cabinda will never end and MPLA which makes the war in Cabinda is aware of the morphology of that forest should know that there is nothing they can do such as the Portuguese were unable to do anything to stop the MPLA from making their guerrilla war there because they had the support of the people. Also today the MPLA will not be able to do rigorously and absolutely nothing to be able to definitively stop that, they will not do it, because the guerrilla of what the MPLA is capable of is thinking that FLEC fighters are in the forest, that they are in the Maquis, etc., on improvised bases, but maybe they are the people who sleep in the villages and the next day they are doing military actions, so it is very complicated. Dialogue is the only way; I reiterate the only way to solve this problem.

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